Night Of A Thousand Laughs Clips 1, 2, 3, 4

Night Of A Thousand Laughs – Naija Comedy 1

Night Of A Thousand Laughs – Naija Comedy 2

Gordons Comedy Clinic Ward 1

Gordons Comedy Clinic Ward 2


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  1. osaugue says:

    Oh my God,basket mouth u too gud.Does any1 knws wen heΒ΄s comin to germany.

  2. topeclare says:

    i just love basket mouth….no matter wat….lol

  3. dancenijas says:

    wow. what a smart guy…I always knew they already had the cure for aids.

  4. ADADIKE says:

    mey una come make we go see michael.. wear cloth lol :).. this man is not well at all lol he’s not feeling fine.. he’s sick lol πŸ™‚

  5. menindehood says:

    basket you really doing great .
    keep ur head up !

  6. Ivymoneke2 says:

    pomo on the run? LMAO!!

  7. Lexadan82 says:

    @bjglimps lol!!!

  8. raash9 says:

    Nawa oh make every thing get

  9. Vimalish15 says:

    @bighomiesleekj he’s already world famous, jamaicans know him, somalia, america, uk etc he doesn’t need to be american n he ain’t no nigger

  10. bighomiesleekj says:

    @Vimalish15 If you were careful enough you would have noticed i said Nigga which is a cool and hip neutral word used amongst hip hop youths in US particularly blacks to refer to one another, contrary to your misconception of it, meaning the more derogatory term Nigger. I am black and Nigerian for that matter and judging by your name i doubt if you are black or Nigerian. So how dare you!

  11. Vimalish15 says:

    @bighomiesleekj i don give a shit where u’re frrom and i don give a shit if u is black, i’m black and from sierra leone and i don call nobody nigga, it ain’t kl it’s rude,he’s got a name dats all i’ sayin i ain’t sayin u;re insultin him it’s just not right, how dare me what?? express my opinion? well i don need to be asked to open my mouth if sumfin is wrong i’ll address it, sorry if u’re takin this serious buh I is chillin n tellin how it is

  12. bighomiesleekj says:

    @Vimalish15 Normally i would ignore such rants from an uncouth semi-literate nefarious degenerate miscreant like you, but i realize from the content of your text that you are also dimwitted. I’m not sure what you mean by (i’ sayin, u;re, sumfin, I is), while i could decipher that you are trying to imitate American slang, you’re doing it all wrong. Before you start typing gibberish haphazardly go to school and learn to become a productive citizen. #Nuff said

  13. Vimalish15 says:

    @bighomiesleekj Professor go to hell, u chat too much shit, U think callin someone a Nigga makes u cool?? No it doesn’t, and I ain’t imitating any americans u Psycho, anyways thanks for ur advice, I’m 17 and still on my Education and gettin married dis year so I’ll take ur good advice on board, buh as an intelligent perfect PhD Professor, why don’t u stop callin peeps Nigga?? They all have names u Cunt, I hope you don mind then callin u a Pussy, it’s all just a slang afterall XoXo

  14. bodejimoh says:

    Pomo on the run……lol

  15. Celebrityzmode says:

    OMG! am crying!!!

  16. clone5 says:

    ROFLLLLL …pomo wit feather

  17. jobotmang says:

    he has a point about the white brainwashing thing, though.

  18. littlebro3012 says:


  19. lilghanian92 says:

    its a stain in da making

  20. teegal says:

    lol @ kpomo wiv feather ………..jokes

  21. tropi88 says:

    LOLLOL! I loove from 8:30 with the whole African marraige topic,,,Na true na, no be our tradition??! lol πŸ˜€

  22. superdebby90 says:

    i love this video

  23. superdebby90 says:

    i love dis video

  24. superdebby90 says:

    i love dis video

  25. enigress says:


  26. whisper2tanxy says:

    lol.monkey dey born goat

  27. whisper2tanxy says:

    monkey dey born goat

  28. goldiemew says:

    pomu with feda


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