Jide Obi – Kill Me With Love

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Jide Obi – Kill Me With Love 

Artiste: Jide Obi

Album: Kill Me With Love

Year: 1981

Label: Tabanzi

Country: Naija


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  1. Suzyy says:

    I had a crush on him growing up.

  2. Suzyy says:

    I had a crush on him growing up.

  3. Pevics2007 says:

    Thanks a million times for posting all these “Old school” musics. This is really the ole Naija”! Painful when he left the music scene to pick up a law profession. Anyways, thanks again for reminding us of this master pieces of musics!!!

  4. jamhal73 says:

    Idiots like you just like picking unnecessary fight. I read here that he has a mental problem and I expressed my feelings, whats wrong with that? I am sure that if he is indeed mad, you must have been the one behind it. Army of destruction. I hope you die tossing my salad.

  5. dignitylicious says:

    @jamhal73 your words are mean-spirited and strange. what i am saying is that if you listen to his music, it is clear that he is not mad, and one would have to be mad to think so. The army of destruction comes from boards like these that continue unfounded rumours and that send death wishes to supporters and fans.

  6. ucmc45 says:

    i spoke with him last yr.he is neither mad or crazy.he is living in US.philly or Baltimore.he is married with kids.jus enjoy the music y’ll.

  7. vixxy02 says:

    @ucmc45 Actually he DID have a mental problem in the 90s. He was then attending Chris Okoties church in Ikeja. What we in Nigeria term as ‘Madness’ Oyibo will call it a nervous break down or depression.Thank GOD he is O.K now!

  8. ucmc45 says:

    @vixxy02 so he was cured by cristie okotie?any psychiatry analysis record or claim from any hospital?depression is what everybody go thru in life,it could be mild or it could be severe.so the man had been aii it jus that we in africa still got a lot of things twisted.

  9. vixxy02 says:

    @ucmc45 I never said he was cured by Chris Okotie! I simply stated a fact that he used to go to his church in Ikeja. Like you said depression can be mild or severe and it can manifest in many ways. Back home that always attribute such as being ‘witchcraft’……very sad really!

  10. Edisana says:

    Beautiful Nigerian artists who suppose to be waxing stronger in this age and time…rather they keep searchin for spiritual healing. What is wrong with Africans? Are we crazy or cursed? Isn’t the white folks introduced religion to us in the first place? They look at us now and just laugh out loud. The funny thing to me is that Africans think that if there’s heaven, they will be the one to go there first. Ridiculous! Look at Cris Okotie, lookin for God ignorin his talent. He will be judged by dis

  11. inaokpala says:

    Is there any way you can find Bugalulu-Garden Boy…..plz.do your best.

  12. KenUbeleveit1 says:

    Peope he is NOT mad. He has been described as a ‘recluse’…he doesn’t really like 2 be out in public alot.
    Let us all pray and hope he is just living his life peacefully.

  13. yida5757 says:

    Do you have any of “BOYS QUARTERS BOYS” ALBUM OR VIDEO?

  14. afroblack1000 says:

    @Edisana. Great comment

  15. 110000kbj says:

    @Edisana i just agree with you. one pastor told me that i was playin music beside church. the music is for devil. religion never created by God but Men. African forget about their ancestors they fight die for us to come to this world. Africans follow the religion that was giving to us by force. told us we have 2 take it or else. i concluded by saying lets Africans go back to their roots.

  16. Celebrityzmode says:

    @110000kbj The pastor said it cos he wanted you to feel you re going to hell and then become one of his followers and shower him with money haha!Africa wake up! When they will finally wake up and realize that There’s Nothing Like Religion and that The Almighty is Love and loves you regardless of your religion.
    Religion has taken many innocent lives and their heads keep stripping the poor naked in other to maintain their own.LOok at the Vatican? Christianity?Islam? etc. God Help usall!

  17. amatyable says:

    My God who brought Jide here? I will really love him as jide says. Please tell me the way about of Jide, lets hear much of him. How can we get all this? I have no collection yet. Where is Jide? I know he is not dead.

  18. edofolks says:

    Who has old Charlie Boy – 1990 & Big Bottom

  19. DeeOne1970 says:

    Oh no!! i found him at last…Jide Obi…”kill me with luv”.. i used to get crazier then while watching the video clip of this track, just remembering again his dance steps and swagging of his hands and his costumes as shown in the above album. his backup girs were also beautiful and could dance so well too. this song takes me back to my secondary school days in uromi, bendel state then. i was just in form 2 at the time and it was a big hit then……..


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