Chinedu Nwadike – God of Vengeance

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Prince Chinedu Nwadike – God of Vengeance

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  1. Mr prince.k Samuel says:

    God bless yu more

  2. Peterpeace71 says:

    i love that my brother.

  3. 7800MEMO says:

    May the Lord continue to tare apart every power and principalities against us amen.
    this is the best nigerian gospel i’ve listened to date.

  4. nathalie770 says:

    God bless you chinedu

  5. obysco says:

    May the lord break the power that is holding the children of God from moving forward in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ and in the Mighty blood of Jesus Christ Amen! Amen! and people of God say a loud Amen where ever you are Amen!

  6. chimaezejoel says:

    God bless you my brother. May God bless us and and break all the yoke. Amen

  7. mslovelove2009 says:

    9ic musica keep it up god bless u

  8. jennypearse92 says:

    i looove things..ike di no bara jesus

  9. nwaowerri says:

    i always cry whenever i heard this song . IT ,reminds me what my wicked uncles did to my father .
    i will fight for yr cause stay well. R .I . P .

    • Lastborn4lyf says:

      Nwaowerri, why did u say u will fight back, have u 4gotten the title of this son….(God of vengeance) Just let God of vengeance avange 4d death of ur father and fight those who fought 2 kill ur father. And be reminded tht he tht kill with sword must surely be killed by sword. God is the perfect judge 2 mankind!

  10. 112233778899445566 says:

    i love the intro

  11. ujonser says:

    Its really a great Gospel war music!love it.

  12. chikaolido says:

    This music always gives me strength….God please hear our prayers and bless us…AMEN

  13. hotchilli75 says:

    i i was watching HOLY WARDER and i heard him sing. never heard him b4. this was just 5mins b4 this comment. someone wrote his name and i came here to see. he is fantastic. toooo good

  14. bennyfrankful says:

    i love this song may god continue 2 bless u

  15. chikaolido says:

    Keep it up my brother

  16. princeyy32 says:

    Arise in battle ohhhh God and let the oppressors scattered and our due rights relinquished to us . Arise ohhhhh God for he that fight against us fight against our God. For the battle is of the lord. reach out and vindicate Ur children that Ur name be exulted forever in and through our lives emem.

  17. Peachydimplez says:

    i love this song

  18. amaraugo says:

    This song is always a comfort to me knowing that the battle is that of the Lord , so i walk with my head held up high knowing that My GOD has never lost a battle and he is not about to start losing with my war .

  19. dumkelv says:


  20. claudiaosse says:

    Cette chanson fortifie ma foi en JESUS -CHRIST. je sais qu’un jour moi aussi j’aurai un enfant dans mes bras comme le dit la chanson. Que Dieu exauce ma prière.

  21. chisomterry says:

    i got this DVD

  22. nwachinemere1 says:

    VERY NICE……..

  23. xXGreenadeXx says:


  24. nigeria6334 says:

    chinedu nwadike may our GOOD GOD continue to bless and protect you…..Amen.i will triumph over my enemies around me…if GOD is for us ,who can be against us?

  25. chijibest says:

    @princessoby bro na sooooooooo

  26. onyeobe1 says:

    Its settled in heaven,I have jump and pass them all.Thank you lord for saving my soul and for all your blessings.

  27. yugodoz says:

    Let the fire of God destroy any power at work against God’s children in Jesus name. Amen.

  28. nathyokoro says:

    Dont mind the sons of darkness. Igbo people both men and women are special creatures made by GOD. They are handsome , witty, hardworking, original and to some extent well endured by their creator Chi ukwu. So please if you wanna enjoy the song just do so; but for heavens sake you be damned if you indulge in foolishness.

  29. mhoreneekei says:

    I love d way he dances!!

  30. zhonni says:

    We don’t do gay in Nigeria. Even though some are trying to bring that nonsense over there. There is no place for it. When u see men from the south-south or south-east dance u may be tempted to say they are gay but it is how we dance.U see somebody actually dancing and u say he is gay. U should go learn how to dance with all of ur body as opposed to doing 2-steps and the robot.

  31. Chiny5ives says:

    Pls. forget abt him being gay because I assure u he is not gay. Simply meditate on the music and stop being a judge over nonesence.

  32. hatie3 says:

    why are people even talking about his sexuallity,listen to the music,learn from it and shut up

  33. misspetitpousin says:

    GOD OF VENGEANCE,george all my enemies

  34. misspetitpousin says:

    GOD OF VENGEANCE,george all my enemies

  35. CJAM16 says:

    nice song

  36. emecca123 says:

    It’s amazing how people open their mouth and ignorance comes gushing out….His words are certainly pertinent. “….JUDGE ALL MY ENEMIES”.

  37. ify2pac says:

    Beloved ones, pls let us think of what we know;
    We nigeria,s know who we are ,of good or bad, But pls not gay, not at all;
    Is in white man,s conutry,and mind u, not all;
    God is kind to all, i so love this brother songs,
    May bless him for the words of wisdom,

  38. kallablast says:

    i love it , its the best music i ever heard

  39. TheDavidedmond says:


  40. jpflavor says:

    Go round my God and untie your people from the shackles of the enemies (Kpaghariba toba agbu).

    I can only say Amen

  41. nigeria6334 says:

    If God is for us who will be against us,my enemies have persecuted me badly since i was young…but they have not overcome me..MY GOD IS SO GOOD .THANK YOU GOD FOR UR BLESSINGS AN PROTECTIONS …I PUT MY TRUST IN THE LORD.

  42. amaka200 says:

    my brother chinedu, may God bless u for this track . God of vengeancs

  43. ezimama1 says:

    This guy music is always pleasing to the heart. I love it.

  44. margaret1353 says:

    May God of Vengeance Continue to judge all my enemy, Those that say they cannot live to see the Great things in life, those that say they cannot live to see me make it in life, May they be blindfolded they day I’ll come home to finish building my house, May they be blindfolded the day they see me rise to the height of my progres, he has done it 4 me b4 once to my enemy who always told that I’ll not mount to nobody n she can’t wait 2 see what I’ll become then die 3months after I had my baby in US

  45. Ayiomosi says:

    Love Chinedu Nwadike’s music.
    If I dance like those men around the fire pit 2 hours a day for a week I am sure I would have a body to die for LOL. My thighs are just shrinking just watching them do those squats

  46. kalpriss1 says:

    Keep it up Chi…. Your music has been a good inspiration for me.


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