Akanchawa, Prince Gozie And Njideka Okeke

Akanchawa – Nigerian gospel music by Princess Njideka Okeke


Part 2


Nigerian gospel music by Princess Njideka Okeke


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  1. yetty says:

    Pls ..is there anyone who can help me with this sonf lyrics…..I so much love it but don’t knw the lyrics nor understands it cos am Yoruba …..I need the lyrics cos I love it and I believe while singing it ,God understands …..u can send to my E.mail Subair_yetunde @yahoo.com . God bless u all

  2. Okoyes charles says:

    d song is inspirational, it reminds me of so many tins.

  3. Okoyes charles says:

    u guys r funny, wats our bussiness wyt her fluency in communication? Ours is just to feel d worship songs and dats all. Folks pls learn to encourage people n not destroy dier talent.

  4. CLARENCE JICK says:


  5. Victoria Nkechi says:

    i love u song and ur husband song also;may God blessind not finish in ur housr

  6. BeautyAngel221 says:

    Nice music but she can’t speak english flueuntly

  7. vino4vin says:

    who gives damn about its fluency,wat matters is de communicatoin.Afterall,de white pple can not speak igbo not to talk of speakin it fluently.

  8. dumqueky says:

    beauty angel, she didn’t grow up in lagos!!! or in the uk?! she grew up in those zones where the major form of communication is igbo! go easy on her. biko!

  9. overcomeobstacles says:

    she was pregnant her music is very good.

  10. kinav says:

    Good God blessed you sister

  11. ujubeauty2000 says:

    The beginning of this song always brings tears to my eyes…….

    HIS name is EMMANUEL…………He is the savior of our souls.

  12. gingolana says:

    alleluia God bless Africa people alleluia

  13. tjoshuas says:

    people who Learn English as a second language sometimes have a hard time speaking it because it is not their native tongue. go easy : )

  14. amavicks says:

    Onye nwuru n’obe, anyi e kelee gi

  15. funmilawal says:

    i tot dis was suppose to b a film, not music,but i liked it, its really nice cos i like igbo music and im yoruba u can imagine.

  16. richardsonjohnson says:

    this is a complete worship song
    it does not matter the intination or speaking english fluentlly but the wordings is inspirring.please worship along…….

  17. kedino777 says:

    who is that fool talking about english? who cares about english(MUMU)na so una go dey carry another man language for head.

  18. meetashley says:

    even if u dont like igbo music, nobody cares. not only u, many yoruba people like igbo music. so please the quastion is, did u like the music or not, not to tell us where ur from.

  19. lurlar says:

    meetaashley or wateva u r culd u r supposed to go thru ur dico b4 writin any comment on youtube cos i didn’t criticed d song. Who d hell r u 2 ask me weda i like d music or not so fuck off. It doesn’t mata if im igbo or not all dat mata is im proud to b nigerian and im also proud of my culture.

  20. sanarel88 says:

    this song makes me cry….

  21. Teavids says:

    Lovely Music ! I’m feeling it, probably cuz my name is emmanuel also….:)

  22. mikkytippsy says:

    haha…d part i love most is where d man was singing…. Emma Emma Emma Emma…. LOL….SO CUTE…I MEAN D RYTHM SCHEME

  23. 1speedyguy says:

    gini ka Okeke si?

  24. henreo4u says:

    even though yoruba you are from nigeria….we are 1….

  25. abcdefghijklmnopq35 says:

    my favorite as well. powerful song.GOD bless the singers and the listeners in Jesus name amen.

  26. mariagepourtoi says:

    Emmanuel ,I need you tonight. For now and for the future of my family.

  27. hagipcares4u says:


  28. suitjoy says:


  29. nnenne123 says:

    @mikkytippsy haha me too!!!

  30. msangosaint says:

    Good job,keep it up,I like your music,especially among other gods and ankachawa,more album pls.kiki

  31. richardsonjohnson says:

    AKANCHAWA,this track allways reminds me when i was riding OKADA @mafoluku oshodi lagos,but today i thank GOD for my AKANCHAWA.now in SWISS…..

  32. stylishnene says:

    and God will never let u go downthat road again
    just remember to be faithful to HIM
    that is a wonderful testimony U have there

  33. stylishnene says:

    She shoots lovely videos for her music.
    very lovely

  34. richardsonjohnson says:

    thanks so much my beloved,its my pleasure….wishing us all same AKANCHAWA.

  35. msangosaint says:

    when will ankachawa be given to me,I have tried to wait,am about to loose hope now,am tired and I dont know what to do.

  36. africanbeauty777 says:

    Beautiful Video.Praising The Most High.

  37. ugochukwu1511 says:

    Great testimony bro..God always rewards hardwork..he is faithful.

  38. constantinlegrand says:

    I love it. very nice
    God bless.

  39. obi347 says:

    Great testimony my bros…

  40. gbolagun says:

    great song. one of the best to come out of our dear country. God bless you for uploading,Ohomoime123.

  41. maryambenjamin says:

    Yes ooh God is ever faithful! as you have said it he will grant you more and more testimonies in jesus name there is none like him!

  42. pancras100 says:

    oh lord how i love this song,AKANCHAWA is what i wish myself and those of you at there….

  43. henreo4u says:

    you are going to have it, don’t loose hope you are going through trials now…….i pray you will have it, be good to those you meet on the way visit the poor and needed..and it shall be given unto you.

  44. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    We are blessed!!! I’m blessed with the music!

  45. KenUbeleveit1 says:

    Beuatiful music..Glory be to God.

    Chukwu gozie anyi nile..

  46. angel147770 says:


  47. gbenga1981 says:

    am a yoruba guy but i had some igbo friend s back in college day n they made love their music. there is ds there particular song that was i think david or 1 prophet n king. that d prophet beg god to make fire n rain or somethin i guess. ccan u guys pls upload that song i love d song d last time i heard d song was in 2006 or so

  48. imariagbe says:

    please can i ask who the escorts are going wit?nice music

  49. Jordanamaka says:

    i love this!!!!!!

  50. Jordanamaka says:

    i love this!!!!!! Njideka u, ur husband Okeke and Mich philips are amazing!! my fav. Nigerian singers…


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