Sunny Bobo – Old Skool – 1 & 2

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 Sunny Bobo – Old Skool – 1 & 2

 Part – 1


Part – 2

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  1. kindnessca says:

    u can’t (reach an Elephant) loo.

  2. geligurl says:

    oh my God. i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! av been looking for it for a long time. thanks for posting afromann007.

  3. onye2onye says:

    nice, not bad ,not bad at all!!!!

  4. Zinnychi says:

    Udoakpuenyi ? How ? it is not possible.nice song with direct message.Thanks Afromann

  5. amavicks says:

    onwero ife na-eme. nothing mega. o dighi eshi

  6. mssofresh2def says:

    Udor Akpu Enyi!!

  7. chidiibe says:

    Oh! Thank God That I am an Igbo Man! Onweghi ihe mega………….

  8. aacdfg says:

    igbo kwenu

  9. KCBombay says:

    Kwe Zuo nu!!!

  10. o4showisdom says:

    hia.. ogini na fio eba mehn..

  11. IHENMA says:

    Plz AHASOM do u have Ashiri Umunna AkA koko nwa me and post it plz

  12. navycj4 says:

    nice music sunny bobo buh to call achike de best governo is a big shit. he doesnt deserve any single praise from any imo citizen. he is a FLOP.

  13. MrChifun says:

    Sunny boborobo,Chei this reminds of Chief Ema Nworgu’s mummy’s memorial at Amafor Imerienwe with all the money talking big boys,Sunny bobo and all bongo musicians where live.Now living in far away Boston USA but still connected to those fresh memories of home sweet home

  14. doublesag says:

    sunny bobo nice one

  15. Chiny5ives says:

    International Sunny Bobo leeee!!! Ur music cures hypertension. This music shall take you to greater height. I and my friends are watching this from Mary-land, U.S A.. Carry gooo nwa – nna, I’m proud of You. God bless you.

  16. nchinnenna says:

    Beautiful and original….

  17. wxdom says:

    goodwaynstockfishcom i have good Stockfish for familky savings Deals

  18. onwukacity says:

    A mixture of many old Highlife music, sung with feeligs and harmonious traditional dancing style, while bringing back forgotten Igbo panorama as his a beautiful back ground. Suny Bobo in his Old Skools has reanimated not only dying highlife music but also tradition , outfits, dance, houses and village identity.. ( Ben. Onwuka. Wageningen, Holland. )

  19. Jameslovekids says:

    abi yoruba man but adey fill dis sunny bobo wela,i like his style d way all those woman dey dance wit thier ikebe nice song i like it sweet.pls sunny bobo keep on we love u.

  20. dandamakakojo says:

    @Jameslovekids Same here bro. Orin yen dunju… na waa. God bless Sunny Bobo.

    Many thanks to Idamawatu for posting.

  21. MegaIfeanyichukwu says:

    Sunny bobo thanks for this great music that gives joy, greetings from
    KL Malaysia

  22. candylopezbabe says:

    nice sweet sound– i love dat…………

  23. nwadikeson says:

    Sunny, every of ur musics comforts and pleases my heart and it reminds of my fatherland Owerri, Imo State in Nigeria. Okaysima from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

  24. PreetyMoneyEnt says:

    Sunny BoBo = )

  25. obay1979 says:

    I am feel like going back to OWERRI right now.The sweetest state.

  26. MrChifun says:

    Eringa gbanaba mana diyd kaya agba,meaning no married woman is an Amazon in marriage

  27. mikki78654 says:

    chills,flawless song

  28. tjkazaure says:

    I love igbo culture tho am not igbo man. i am hausa fulani but i enjoy every bit of their music and it reminds me 9ja alot.. 1luv


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