The Golden Rule

Of all the human laws and principles that exist, one of the most important and valuable to mankind is the golden rule that says:

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You“.

This principle is re-echoed by almost all the world’s major religions, but notwithstanding, still flagrantly violated.

The gross violations of this principle is among the root causes for wars, injustices, dehumanization, crimes, slavery, racism and numerous other man-made negative vices afflicting the world.

If we truly want to live in a world that is based on fairness, just and equity, it takes nothing more than practicing this very simple principle, deliberately.

Practicing it is very easy: if you won’t deliberately drink poison, don’t give it to someone else. If you must, then take a portion first.

If somehow unsure whether a burning metal will inflict physical pain and harm on someone else, simply try it on yourself first, and there’ll be no need to guess.

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