Nigerian Constitution Awareness Initiative

The constitution serves as the people’s covenant that binds them to specific laws, as agreed by them, to be their guiding principles and pre-conditions for peaceful and mutual co-existence within a common territory.

In the business world, it would be called a contract, and in this case will apply to specific business(es) of concern.

The constitution itself is a compilation of laws, and their interpretations where necessary.

In Nigeria, the process starts with what is known as “bills” for deliberation by the legislative arm of the Government. Once any of the bills is passed as law, it goes into effect.

Ignorance of the constitutional provisions, is no excuse for violation, and would not exempt one from prosecution.

As important a document the constitution is, yet many of us are barely aware of its existence, let alone of the provisions.

In order to make the constitution generally available, we set up a dedicated platform for people to easily, at any time, download a free copy of the Nigerian Constitution.

To encourage its reading, this particular version is fully hyperlinked, to ease navigation and accessing different sections of the constitution.

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Nigerian Constitution

Nigerian Constitution

1999 Constitution Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria, As Amended.

Interactive Edition, & Fully Hyperlinked For Easy Navigation.