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Hi, my name is Frank Ogu and this is my little portion of the cyber space. You really don’t care much about who I am, so I’ll save you the usual boring and sometimes long biography, but if for some reason you think it is vital, then just click on any of the social media buttons at the top section of this site. However, you may want to know what this site is all about, so the rest of this page will be about that.

I am the editor in chief here, but site management and administration is handled by OguCS Ltd. Some of the content published here are syndicated from other content network sites like news corporations, newspapers, video sharing sites, other online media as well as guest contributors. In any of the cases, credit goes to the original content and proprietary owner of the published material, and neither myself nor OguCS Ltd will be liable for the accuracy or otherwise of such content. And NO, you won’t be fed with junk, we’ll do our best to ensure credible information are published here.

Information published here includes news, current affairs, newspaper editorials, events, music and videos, bordering around the globe, but with emphasis on Africa and even more on my country, Nigeria.

Sometimes, special reports will be published on specific topics that could range from family, relationship, business and political issues. Such reports will contain personal opinion of the author on the subject matter, and should not be a substitute for professional advice on such matters.

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Do visit the site regularly as we strive to publish quality, educative and interesting materials.

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If you have some inquiries, feedback, guest post for publication or compliant issues, please submit it via the OguCS Help Desk. However, if it is issues requiring my direct attention, then send a mail via the contact me page. If it really requires my attention, then I will send a personal response.

Thank you for dropping by, and enjoy the rest of the site.